Premiere! In 2018, the German Business Media Association is traveling to Stockholm for the first time. Picture: Alexi Tauzin

Those who want to actively shape change need knowledge of the markets and the knowledge of current trends and developments. The German Professional Publishers' Stockholm Tour offers a look at what the Swedish B2B media professionals and digital start-ups are doing. From April 16 to 18, she will be leading to selected media houses, start-ups and innovation hubs such as Bonnier B2B, Schibsted Growth or SUP46. Giving the chance to discuss current trends in the digital B2B media business right on site.

There are many good reasons to take a closer look at the Stockholm B2B media business: the Scandinavian pioneer metropolis is not only one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, but also one of the most popular locations for digital start-ups which shoot out of the ground every second. Not for nothing Stockholm was already dubbed "Unicorn Factory" by the Financial Times in 2015. Apart from Silicon Valley, the density of "unicorns", that coveted online companies whose market valuation exceeds $ 1 billion, is nowhere near as high as in Stockholm. This is also reflected in society: almost 20 percent of all people in Stockholm work in the tech industry, more than in any other European city. And even in the general country comparison Sweden regularly beats the European competition in terms of digitization. Therefore, the Publishers' Stockholm Tour offers a very specific look at the activities of the Swedish b2b media houses and digital start-ups.

These companies will be part of our tour:

Alma Talent
is one of Sweden's leading media companies for decision makers and management teams. Alma Talent is part of the Finnish media group Alma Media.

Bonnier Business to Business
is part of the Swedish media group Bonnier AB and is active in 10 countries. The B2B portfolio includes journals, conferences, educational offerings and decision makers' tools.

Bonnier Ventures
is the venture part of Mediengruppe Bonnier.  Investments in minority interests are being made in fast-growing digital technology companies.

is Stockholm's first digital house of innovation. Its members are invited to innovate alongside the world's fastest growing digital companies and creative business initiatives. The Epicenter is a meeting place for Swedish and international entrepreneurs and companies to work together, learn and expand their businesses.

ist ein internationales Team von Spezialisten für Datenjournalismus mit Büros in Stockholm und Porto. Das Team integriert Experten in Forschung, Datenanalyse, datengesteuertes Storytelling und Newsroom-Programmierung.

Kit Media
is a Swedish online news publisher. KIT collects over 200 output data points for each story to find out what makes it successful.

Nordiske Medier Stockholm
is part of the Danish B2B media group Nordic Media and owns a large selection of trade journals and industry portals that report on news in a wide range of industries and professions in Denmark and Sweden.

is a digital company that operates a broad portfolio of products. The online portals are among the largest in their respective fields, such as Modette. se, a lifestyle website with a fashion focus with more than 250,000 unique users per week.

SUP 46
was founded in 2013 as a start-up hub. More than 60 start-ups work in the heart of Stockholm. Only the most promising and innovative technology companies from all over Sweden are accepted as members.

is the magazine flat rate for magazines from all over the world. Unlimited access to all magazines and journals and download for reading without internet connection.

is Sweden's most successful news app. The portal collects news from more than 1,000 Swedish and international sources and summarises them in a clear and concise way.

Schibsted Growth
is part of the Norwegian Schibsted Media Group and invests in digital companies. They are looking for disruptive, scalable and innovative business models that create unique value for consumers or businesses.

is a fast-growing media company that helps publishers increase the distribution of content and generate high-quality traffic for advertisers. Core is a proprietary platform that leverages machine learning and huge amounts of data to ensure that every user receives an optimal mix of content and advertising.

Participation fee:

Standard rate: 2,199.00 Euro per person plus VAT. Reduced rate: 1,899.00 Euro per person plus VAT for members of the German Business Media Association (Verein Deutsche Fachpresse). The participation fee includes the visit of the companies including bus transfer. It also includes meals with lunch as well as participation in the network evenings. Accommodation and travel costs are not included in the price.
Interested parties can sign up with Henrike Joppich



Quote participant London Tour 2017

"The London tour was very well planned and organized, networked with inspiring media executives and gave a deep insight into the business models and transformation processes of the British business media companies - and incidentally it was really fun! Gladly again!"
Kilian Müller, Managing Director publish-industry Verlag


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